Changing the Colors

All the LaraBooking styles are in the resources/assets/sass folder and are compiled with Laravel Mix. First, you need to start the Laravel Mix, as we teach in the Building Assets with Mix section. Let's learn how to modify some visual parts of the system.

1. Change the brand primary color

As you can see in this dashboard, the primary color of the system is amethyst that is a variation of purple:

Now, open the resources/assets/sass/_variables.scss file and locate this line:

$brand-primary: #8e44ad;
And change it to:

$brand-primary: #e74c3c;

And now, after the Mix compilation, the primary color of the system is red:

As you can see it is very simple to modify the system appearance, simply changing the SASS variables. We encourage you to navigate in the SASS files and stylize the system as you like.